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Private lessons


Private lessons

Deborah studied singing, interpretation, and harmony with the best teachers in Paris, Jerusalem, and New York. In addition to her performing career, Deborah is a teacher of both solo and choir singing. She also teaches actors to use their voice on the stage.

She is an instructor at Aspaklaria Acting Studio, in Jerusalem; at Sonia Soudri Theatre School for women in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem, at the Conservatory Maarav Herzlya and is also the conductor of the following choirs: 

-Choir Dona Grazia, Wizo French Women in  Jerusalem,  

-Choir Wizo French women in TelAviv

-Choir of the French Institute of Tel Aviv


Deborah will teach you the techniques needed to improve your singing voice including:

-breath control,




-tonal placement,

-improvement of voice range, 

as well as developing your flexibility and vocal power.


You will also learn  how to deal with stage fright, develop your confidence as a singer so that you can enjoy the art of singing!

The lessons can be given in English, Hebrew and French.

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