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Let Your Body Sing

“Her art of singing is full, rich, joyful, wild, and tenderly intense, a gem”- the Citizen Jazz magazine wrote about Deborah Benasouli. A petite woman with spectacular voice and radiant charisma, she constantly performs at Jazz festivals and clubs worldwide. Deborah studied singing, interpretation, and harmony with the best teachers in Paris, Jerusalem, and New York. In addition to her performing career, Deborah is a brilliant teacher of both solo and choir singing.


· Duration: 2 hours.

· Group: 8-20 people.

· Age: 15 and up.

· No music experience necessary.

The workshops can be given in English, Hebrew and French.

You don't have to be 'a singer' to enjoy Deborah’s singing workshop. She believes each human voice to be a force of nature that we carry inside our bodies. “We perceive the voice as an external manifestation while all the work is done inside, literally through our body” – says Deborah. Her goal is to bring you closer to this natural musical instrument.


During Deborah’s workshop you will:

· Relax and come in terms with what we feel inside while singing.

· Explore your internal vocal instrument.

· Learn the basic singing techniques and take home a few singing exercises.

· Experience fun singing challenges.

· Sing popular songs together, playing with rhythms and group harmonies.

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